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Letter to a colleague re: changes and the fear of expendability January 29, 2012

Posted by Arvin in Work.

Dear (Colleague),

I am writing this email to you, after an appalling conclusion I have made after reading the email thread below.

I am also sending this to you, because you are one of the few people I know, few years above my senior, that I respect so much (as well as (colleague 1), and (colleague 2) who sadly, has left the company). If you must know, I am a proud person—and a very proud one, and I used to pride myself as no respecter of persons—but I guess years of highs and lows in life have changed things.

I guess I’m just saying that when I say I look up to someone, I seriously mean it.

As I digest the contents of this email, I reach this frightening conclusion that in this business of profiteering, my team is an expendable asset (as any assets are—but it’s scarier when it gets real—and when it falls on you). And therefore, all efforts are but futile attempts to add “drops” of value to an “ocean” of business demands and needs.

Why do I say this? It’s because I know that our very existence was created to close the gaps that other delivery units fail to bring to the (name of company) “table”—and tow along a few desirable treats. If they did their jobs efficiently, we would have never existed in the first place.

I think it’s this feeling of expendability that fuels my insatiable drive of improving all that I could get my hands on. But to be honest, there are times I get overwhelmed with things that the moment demands, and with things that are bound to bring sustainable results, but requires a significant amount of effort to achieve.

But make no mistake, I am not leaving anytime soon. I want to see our organization mature into a driving force this company so much needs. And I am thankful for your tireless efforts—to the littlelest of things (my stupid excel mistakes) to the greatest of things (supporting (name of bigwig)) as the ((name of bigwig’s role) for the global factories)—in leading this organization to that direction.

So here’s to looking forward to another fruitful year for everyone here at (name of organization). Cheers!

Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Meilleurs égards,




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