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POEM: K-2 Art Lessons for Silly Grown-ups January 6, 2011

Posted by Arvin in Poetry.
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Run like no road lies ahead of you.

Dart like a stray dot across the endless void.

The Land is but a uniform stretch of weeds and crevices

devoid of happy colors and fluttering butterflies.

No road signs to look watch for

and no gutters to guide you either.

All is but an endless

stretch of barren land.

No double-breasted mountains

like kindergarten students often

scrawl on their drawing sheets

during art classes (no matter

how much you throw your sight

to the farthest end of the horizon),

no daisies and tulips strewn

all over the fields,

and no suns or clouds and even

birds to perk up your paper-perfect life.

Just a blank sheet of paper,

plus shades of gray,

plus lines of sullen wrinkles,

plus an array of rocks and stubborn soil.

Now, what are you

waiting for?

No crowd’s going to cheer for you.

No bottles of water to

douse your exhausted body

No finish lines to run for either.

You have but the whole of

eternity ahead of you.


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