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POEM: That Space in Between Molecules July 15, 2010

Posted by Arvin in Filipino Studies, People, Family and Society, Poetry.
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“There is too much space between us
i could hardly breath.”

– After A. Kierulf’s “Spaces”

Air molecules naturally gravitate
towards a body of any given mass,
a thick blanket held together
by force.

* * * * *

We do not create such behaviors
The ideal man seeks to co-exist
peacefully with his environment.

(scientific perspective (slash) reality check)

Man is a higher-order mammal.
Hence, the Aggression for Territory

They mark down their domains with
ineffable imprints;
cutting past the throats of the Amazonia,
strangling the bowels of the Mediterranean,
let alone the gastric juices
breaking down chemical bonds on
cooked (processed) meat and veggies.

(Explanation: the existence of Taiwan,
North Korea, East Timor, Western Africa and
several Post-Soviet States)

* * * * *

Gaseous compounds often exhibit certain
properties akin to the Human Society

Initially nomads, they roam the deserts and
marshlands endlessly. They merely exist
to exist.

La vida es sueño.

Alliances are forged due to the call of times;
molten heat and thermal pressure at interplay

The same forces ripped the Western Treaties to shards;
genocides and A-Bombs inclusive of the package

* * * * *

Do not complicate matters.
We all just need some space

No Man is an island.
But anyone can emulate the Brownian Motion

* * * * *

Gases abound where space is the rule of thumb.

CO2, H20, 03, CFC… The list goes on.

Comes in islets, vapors or 10KG tanks

Take your pick.

* * * * *

“Man, gimme sum space!”

– some guy barking at his girlfriend



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