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Complaint re: Globe’s Super Duo promo May 21, 2010

Posted by Arvin in Current Affairs, Technology.
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Sent: Friday, May 21, 2010 1:22 AM
To: ‘custhelp@globetel.com.ph’
Subject: Complaint re: Super Duo promo
Sensitivity: Confidential

Hi All,

This is regarding my complaint about your services. This also involves the retailer who facilitated my Globe Prepaid load request.

I have two issues. Miscommunication and Accountability/Taking Responsibility. I am not sure if the second one mentioned was correctly termed, but I hope i sent the message across correctly.

I usually purchase a 100-peso load every so often from a retailer located at the 2nd Floor of CyberOne Building in Eastwood City.  That 100-perso load fits my needs well, because I don’t call a lot really; I only text. I use that amount to register to the 5-day Unlitext promo. It’s economical, affordable, and saves me from the hassle of losing text load during the most inconvenient times and situations—for five days, at least.

Underscoring inconvenient times and situations:

  1. In a 40 – 90 minute meeting on a tension-strained room on the 23rd floor of a building
  2. On an MRT coach, 6 stations away to your destination
  3. On a bus, 30 minutes away to your destination, under a scorching 12 O’clock sun 
  4. In the middle of a conference @ the Henry Lee Irwin Theatre in the Ateneo {where the loading station is a tricycle away (and that is if a tricycle comes by. 

But then, they’ll charge you 25 pesos for special fare. And then queue up for a trike going back—that’s if you get to chance someone who’ll enter the Ateneo by trike.)}

5.  On the 4th floor of your apartment, at the very end of the building wing (with a lengthy, steep staircase,)  very exhausted from work, and then finding out that your load is used up.

6.  You just got back from lunch and got an 8888 SMS telling your Unlitext Promo is expired, and your next break is at 3 PM.

And when you do get down to the local retailing joint, you’d later on have to fight your way back to the office against a swarm of people trying to squeeze their way to an elevator serving over 12 companies with more or less 1,200 employees each.

Et cetera…

And besides, texting saves me a lot of battery power.

Just last Monday, I went to that same store to buy the usual load amount I often do. But I was encouraged to buy a 600-peso load when the retailer guy offered me a Super Duo promo that he said offered not only unlimited calls for a month, but also texting—again, for a month.

I remember asking him twice about the Unlitext add-on feature of the Super Duo promo. I didn’t really care if the promo prominently featured an Unlicall element; it just wasn’t my need. It just wasn’t. I just text, but this guy and his offer looked temptingly assuring.

I remember asking “are you sure?” He said yeah.

I said, if there are free calls with my unlitext, then why not?

But it was 600-peso load. You won’t find a 500-peso bill lying freely on an aisle or by the gutter anywhere. But what encouraged me was the free text—for a month—at least that’s what he said. I really didn’t want to shell out 600 pesos. There’s so much you could buy with it, but convenience, comfort and economical gains won the day.

So I bought it, and went on enjoying my free calls and text until May 19, 2010. That afternoon, I could no longer send texts. Then I found out that my Load balance is zero. I called 211 to complain about this, and spoke with customer service guy Rommel Daion and manager John Gonzales.

Sadly, they couldn’t do anything much about it. Thanks to Globe’s self-serving policies, and capitalistic mechanics, I now have no real use with my free calls. Now, I am forced to call anyone I need to talk with. And almost nobody answers. Mainly because they’d rather text than call. 

I wish that all of you study customer usage/behavior patterns and trending. It will help you understand my point. 

Customer service said the promo registration went through successfully, and that’s where their responsibility ends. To put it bluntly in layman’s terms, that means:

We got your money now M0ron. Now, because of your m0ronity and lack of knowledge, you just wasted (I mean wasted because I don’t need calls, I need texts) 600 pesos for a good-for-nothing promo. Toodles!

Globe, where is your accountability? Whatever happened to “taking responsibility.” Does it end with chastising the retailer and better-luck-next-time for me? I demand equity and just decisions. Do you expect us to read every single promo there is?

You know this life is fast-paced. It’s the very same reason why advertisements are continuously designed to capture the short-attention spanned-public of this fast-changing generation. It’s because there is just less time for ourselves and companies should better shape their products to adapt to this fast-paced life we’re living.

My issue: your concern with your customers who don’t have time for themselves, who takes responsibility when misinformation happens, and your accountability to your loyal customers as a service provider.

Do you understand how we work our asses off just to get our money’s worth?

I hope you see through my lengthy complaint.



1. JV - July 3, 2010

Worst customer service ever!!! Here’s what happened… I called globelines first week of June for landline and broadband internet transfer and guess what?? Until now it hasn’t been transferred. I was able to speak with 2 supervisors namely MICHELLE BAGUNA and SHIRLYN PALAJE. It took me more than 10 minutes waiting on the line for a supervisor. That day I thought I was lucky bec. I was able to my concern will be addressed. I requested for a follow up call or text from Michelle so I won’t have to call and she confirmed that she will but it didn’t happened (What good is a supervisor without accountability? I believe it’s what you call Globelines!) I called again a week after and asked for a supervisor and again it took more than 10 mins. The customer service reps tried to de-escalate the call by saying we’ll endorse your concern and you should receive a call which doesn’t happened so I said I’ll wait for one they placed me on hold and get back to me saying that a supervisor is currently engaged on a call blah blah blah. I badly need my request expedited so I kept on waiting and there she was Shirlyn Palaje who said the same thing that they haven’t receive a feedback from their support team but she’ll follow up my request with them. I requested for a follow up and to my surprise I received 2 text messages 1 from Shirlyn and one from Michelle the day after Shirlyn’s update so I thought I was in good hands and didn’t bother to call for a few days. Guess what!? I didn’t receive any update after that so I called again and was able to speak with JEAN LOPEZ who said my account has been disconnected bec. I haven’t paid my bill for May WTF!!! I was calm when I asked for a supervisor and never mentioned any foul words I was placed on hold for about 4 times and again she’s trying to get rid of me by saying the same things so I told her I’ll wait to my surprise that she placed me on hold and never get back I waited for 35 mins on hold. I was watching TV that time so I didn’t really notice that it was already more than 30 mins. But Wow isn’t it the best customer service ever? I really don’t think I deserve this as their customer. After that I decided to call again and was able to speak with JC ANGELES who again told me the same crap. He told me that they only have one supervisor on the floor who’s currently engaged on a call so I asked him may I have his/her name. The supervisor on the floor is no other than SHIRLYN PALAJE who I believe was avoiding me bec. It a lot of attempts for JC to de-escalate the call I gave up and agreed to settle it the next day bec. JC’s promise was I will receive a call from a supervisor during business hours which ended July 3, 2010 5pm and I didn’t receive any text or call. I wasted hours of my life calling Globelines for nothing!!! I just hope that they put supervisors on the floor who has accountability and is willing to help not avoiding customers who are in need in the first place that’s the reason they’re there to make sure that their people address their customer’s concern. How can they call themselves supervisors if they can’t even do what they promised to their customers…

2. Kimeh - June 12, 2010

To be completely honest, the Philippine telecoms really suck. I’m on Globe’s postpaid yet I receive my billings very late.

I remember back then we had Globelines as our ISP, my goodness. I’d rather not talk then say continuous bad words about how bad their service and customer care is.

3. aehr - May 28, 2010

I feel the same thing. Though my concern is more on the internet+landline account. I have submitted a request to transfer location last April but until now the line hasn’t been transferred yet. I have even already received a bill for May which I was not able to use since we already transferred to a new house. i already went to their Customer Service here in Cebu the other day but until now I have not received a call from Globe regarding their plans on how to address my concern.

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