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Lecture Notes | Philo Sci 2 | Lecture 2 | Popper and the Problem of Demarcation December 28, 2009

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Philo Scie 1
Lecture 2: Popper and the Problem of Demarcation
Personal Notes

The distinguishing mark of science, for Popper, is that it seeks to falsify, not to confirm, its hypotheses.

= That is a remarkable proposal. I do the same thing with religion. I seek to falsify what i believe as true faith.

Advantage = that leaves no room for doubt. Attempts in falsifying a true “truth” would in fact strip off misconceptions and untruths associated with it, thereby strengthening the corollary thruths supporting the greater truth.

Such a mode of thinking encourages open-mindedness and scientific/professional maturity, without necessarily wearing the cloak of high scholarship.

epistemic = of relating to knowledge

Karl Popper’s Demarcation = Drawing the line between pseudo-science and science



1. eveningperson - December 29, 2009

People tend to read far more into the principle of demarcation than there really is. All that ‘falsifiability’ amounts to is the fact that a theory (= scientific explanation) is more abstract and/or more general than any specific situation (observation) that is compatible with the theory. Therefore, you can logically deduce what observations are compatible with the theory, but there is no *logical* way of going from a particular observation to a singular theory that explains that observation.

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