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My Fake American Accent: Movie Review November 22, 2009

Posted by Arvin in Culture, Current Affairs.
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I was lucky to stumble on it sa TV5 one boring Wednesday night while channel surfing (local, no cable tv at the dorm)  (Dating ABC) sometime this November (I think). 

I never thought I’d ever get a chance to see this. I was on night shift back then when it was shown in theaters. 

But like they say in Filipino, kung minsan, sadyang mapagbiro ang tadhana

I had high expectations about the film. Primarily because it’s indie. And also because it’s about the call center industry (where I presume a lot of talented, creative individuals pass time while waiting for their rockets to come, and where I presume the film director has had some experience with). 

And also because Ned Trespeces studied at the UP Film Institute

Pasensya na talaga sa director at screenwriters ng My Fake American Accent (this is very Filipino—I mean the apologizing), but i don’t think the movie is quite ripe for production. They should’ve incubated this for a year more. That will give them a lot of time to think everything over (scripts, casting, dialogue delivery, location probably… etc).

I am suddenly reminded of Hiro Nakamura’s apologetic bow to a certain lady in Heroes before hitting her with a baseball bat.

The movie is very pretentious. Tapos parang wrong casting, lalo na si Buster at si Eric. ‘Di mukhang “galing PMA” si Buster. Parang pinipilit niyang magpakalalaki. The Eric guy’s kind of the same too. The movie appears to try to build an impression to the viewers that the Eric Guy is kind of a “sizzling hunk” but he looked (and acted) lame, pale and whimpy.

Mailes Kanapi’s depiction of TL Joanna Seva’s character is an exaggeration. She could’ve toned down the nuances and the emotional flare-ups a bit to make it look more authentic. Unless exagerration is the director’s main point.

Also, parang ‘di natural ‘yung exchange ng conversation between the characters. They appeared to be waiting for prompts (for the most part) or they’re probably just a bit too tensed the whole time. I would like to commend the QA guy (Martin de la Paz) though. In the movie, he is the closest semblance of what some L2 agents are when at work.

But that doesn’t save the movie from its crass dialogues and fake emotions (I guess that’s where the movie title gets its drive).

And Butch Francisco of the Philippine Star enjoyed watching it?

I don’t believe him.

And the burglar in the story! How he waxed poetic for the succeeding 5 or 10 minutes (and I can’t believe how “forever” five minutes is) is just dumbfounding. Darn, I know putting a customer on hold for 2 minutes seemed such a long time (yes I tried that with Globe POSTPAID and SMART POSTPAID and the MERALCO HOTLINE back when an electric post in our area got torched sometime last year).

But between listening to the hold music and the burglar’s rhetoric, I’d rather have the music. 

The gay director in the film who dumped Astrid’s screenplay is likewise worthy of note. Now that’s authentic.  😀

I have this sinister feeling that most Filipino Lit and Writing Giants in the Philippines are like that.

And that reminded me of the fast-rising Genaro Gojo-Cruz.  

There’s a lot of unbridled angst and political/socio-cultural commentaries everywhere in the movie, waiting to burst and impose itself to the viewers, and intensified by matching camera angles meant to underscore and ram hordes of statements and heart-rending “life lessons” in one sitting.

It turned out annoying in every true sense of the word.

* * * * * * * * * *

At some point I doubted my thoughts about the film. Which somehow explains why it took me long to publish this online. But when I browsed the net for comments about the film, it came  clear to me that I am apparently heading the right direction.

I still could not forget how many scenes and dialogue exchanges sent shivers to my bones. I thank God I never attempted watching this in the theater. I didn’t have the time anyway when that was shown in theaters.

It could’ve been a waste of cash.



1. aftonkoren - December 17, 2009

I like the works of this director very much! -Afton

2. Paolo B. - November 23, 2009

The gay director is a REAL director 🙂 He’s Vincent de Jesus, who is affiliated with PETA and who has also contributed as a writer and a musician (I think he has also done the score of a couple of ABS-CBN dramas also). And, oh, by the way, he also won acclaim for scoring “Crying Ladies”, too 🙂

Arvin - November 23, 2009

Wow. That makes sense. Well, kudos to Director de la Cruz then. It was so real, i remembered all the terror profs and Lit bigwigs of Manila.

As for Director Trespeces, sound the clarion call to the mountains (not him, somebody else). Let’s do the dawn dance ’till the first ray of sunlight unravels.

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