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Boys will be boys November 17, 2009

Posted by Arvin in People, Family and Society.
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Like they say, boys never grow old. They just add years to themselves, wear beards and mustache, and slip into sleek, trendy suits and classy leather shoes.

You’ll see their same old selves through their email threads/email exchanges, “big boys” speeding along the freeway with their flashy convertibles or lording over their living rooms with lightning-speed downloads (3.5 G, HSDPA, you know..) and 2 Terabyte disk spaces; conference room conversations and all through their infrequent messed-up moments.

You’ll see school-playground-brawlings-in-downtown-alleys rematches tamed in the form of stealthily crafted memos and meeting minutes. A tap in the back used to always mean support and right-back-atcha shoutouts. But 21st century prudence tells a modern man that evil plans are underway, and terrifyingly off your radar.

Yes, the fears of a man are indeed a multitude. But fear not, the child in every man is living. Do not forget that a child unleashes anger like hell breaking loose, but forgets everything as he downs a bowlful of crab and corn soup after sundown. The women of the house knows this. Old folks know this too.

And I know this too well to start up a squabble in the workplace.



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