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PinoyExchange.com is Temporarily Unavailable November 3, 2009

Posted by Arvin in Technology.
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That’s the message you will get if you try to access www.pinoyexchange.com today. The website has been down since yesterday. In fact, it just said the website will come back in just a few hours.

Now, I wonder if it is just my PC or the local IT guys who’re messing up with my connection settings. I tried accessing the site through one of our terminal servers, but the same thing happened. I even tried opening it from our Citrix IE, but nogo (Parang Dellserv log lang ah?).

Another blogger by the name magnumbush noticed the same thing too. So my doubts about our local IT dissappeared. But another thought butted in my head. What if they’re really playing with me?

Well, itt looks pretty obvious… So, enough of the conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, ideomancer.com should fill the lull of the day.

Ayala Group Of Companies!!! What the h***’s going on?



1. Jellal - May 17, 2013

PinoyExchange is still friggin slow for me despite all the admins’ fixes! I think their servers MUST BE TOTALLY REPLACED WITH NEW ONES!!! If it is not possible, how about a scheduled site maintenance?? (or switch instead to cloud hosting)

2. julianne - December 9, 2011

website is down since december 8, 2011. any update? or is it just my pc.

3. crismigma - November 26, 2009

I’m frequently looking for brandnew posts in the internet about this subject. Thanx!

4. Keiko - November 6, 2009

Hayy, i wonder when it’ll be up again… Sir Arvin, hopefully po you can let us know what PEx admins say xD

Thanks a lot ^_^

5. oly - November 4, 2009

i emailed pex admin yesterday but hav not received any reply from them up to now. their system is down

6. Lexan - November 4, 2009

What’s weird is that they don’t even have a proper, customized error message.

7. eNocH - November 3, 2009

last year pa yung entry nung magnumbush! LOL

down nga, kahapon pa!

Arvin - November 3, 2009

Wow. How Prophetic. And how stupid too. Hahaha. I am gonna call the PEx admins and hope to get a response soon.

8. Lexan - November 3, 2009

It’s still down. )=

9. Ann Robles - November 3, 2009

Hi when do you think the server will go up again? Any idea? Lots of thanks!

10. creepy.chan - November 3, 2009

well, mine’s down too.. so i guess there must be some maintenance thing going on..

11. lurker - November 3, 2009

Are they still with Ayala? Heard they were with Havoc. I any case, I can’t get in as well. 😦

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