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Homeworks at Paperworks: Mali!!!!!! November 3, 2009

Posted by Arvin in English Studies.
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Ang kulit ng mga estujante ngayon. Sinabi na ngang ang paperworks at homeworks ay mali eh.

Walang plural form ‘yon.

Bakit? Because the assignment items you take home are mostly MORE THAN ONE. Pag-nagpa-assignment ang mga teachers, number one lang ba sinasagutan? ‘Di ba one to five? O kung minsan 3 pages?

It’s not the number of items people, it is the whole idea of you doing something at home. You will do schoolwork at home.

Like household chores. Or better put: housekeeping. When you do some housework, that means you would either do house cleaning or cooking or furniture upholstering (and yes people, we don’t put S or ESes on words like furniture, equipment, luggage, garbage and trash). Nalilinis mo ba ang bahay kung nagwalis ka lang ng isang direksyon at tanging sa isang pasilyo lang?

Of course you’ll do the sweeping ‘till you sweep all the dust from many aisles.

And that’s just sweeping.

As for paperworks, that’s anything that has to do with stapled sheets of paper for you to sign at. Sa office, pwede bang laging isang sheet of paper lang ginagawa mo? Diba madalas more than one?

By the way, we call them uncountable nouns. Uncountable nouns refer to things that can’t be counted because they are thought of as wholes that can’t be cut into parts. Purdue’s OWL and The Writing Center at Rensselaer should give more info about concepts of countability and definiteness when dealing with nouns. A comprehensive (but not entirely exhaustive) list of uncountable nouns can be found on englishmistakeswelcome.com and jamesabela.co.uk

If you still don’t want to believe me. Go ask yourself. Can you really imagine yourself saying this:

Oh, I’ve got a lot of works to do. Toodles!



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