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Sumabay sa Agos: Life Lessons from Life-saving Tips October 20, 2009

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I was watching Atom Araullo’s segment about Flood/Disaster Readiness in Umagang Kay Ganda before breakfast. Their guest was the senior Lozada from the famous Bert Lozada Swim School in Parañaque City.

One of his tips was to not to go against the current when caught in a flood or when carried away by a gushing river. He advised to go with the flow instead.

That’s as far as i got. He might have probably elaborated on the next few steps you’d need to do in a terror flood like that, but my mind was caught on pending daily duties like walking the dog, hanging my towel on the clothesline and time-setting my “rest” for what—two hours?

Drawing examples from nature. Classic.

Things are either so artificial or so instant these days, we people end up losing our sense of selves and have laid our backs lazily to the easy chair of the 21st century man.

* * * * * *

It’s 20 minutes past 11, but the words of Mr. Lozada were still swirling in my head. Sumabay sa agos. The jeep where i’m in sped along C-5’s s-curve from Blue Ridge, past the patches of informal settlements along Libis, all the way to Bagumbayan. Still, the thought lingered in my head. 

Nature has her way of dealing with the very malevolence plaguing the creases and fringes of her slowly, sagging skin. From the inevitable deaths of several species rise another ecosystem of lives.  Members of such systems keep up with each other to maintain the order of nature. But should a member(s) predominate another life group(s), life goes on. Population densities shift, ecological landscapes change, and species either flourish or perish.

 * * * * * *

Funny when money talks, everyone listens. But when nature speaks, only the wise listen; fools not only cover their ears, but shut their eyes too.

Rocks are the only stubborn things on earth that stands still, head-on against any water current. Their foolish stubbornness led them to their own slow deaths: erosion. Water is life, but to raise your arms against it is to invite destruction upon yourself

* * * * * *  

Sumabay sa agos. This is omething that is truly against my upbringing. I was raised to fight for the truth, and weather waves of destruction and oppression, foolish as it may seem.

But on a second thought, preserving your life is better than putting it at stake. Death may be a statement raised high like a standard, a signature sealed with the searing flames of fervor. But death can only bring you so far. You are powerless to do any more good, or summon the winds of change.

You can only hope that another soul, kindred spirits with you, would carry on with the cause you left unfinished.

Going with the flow saves you all the strength you might have wasted fighting the waves. It lends you the speed of a hundred dolphins to take you across nations and kingdoms. Most importantly, it frees your mind from the worry of survival. You are left at nothing but to head close to the shore while letting the waters carry you through its path. 

In the end, you would’ve saved yourself from a horrid death, and you would’ve granted your self another lifetime to do good and great things in this life.



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